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Adding a New Docs Page

All Towhee documentation is written via markdown pages. If you're looking to update a page, please visit the main Towhee repo and find the corresponding .md file. The sidebar structure on the docs page matches the directory structure in the docs subfolder of the main Towhee repo, so if you're having trouble finding the right file, try going through subdirectories as if they were menu items on the sidebar.

Adding a new documentation page

Adding a new documentation page is also simple - simply find the right menu item you'd like to put it under and add a new file. The header of your new file should contain two fields: and id, which is a unique identifier for your document, and title, which will appear as an <h1> on the first line of your page. Note that the id field should correspond to the name of your file. For example, if your filename is, then the header would look something like this:

id: a-unique-page-id
title: Title of your document

Once that's done, you can add the remaining content as a regular markdown file. If you've implemented a new pipeline type or other large feature, please test your changes locally first before submitting a pull request to the main Towhee repo. You can do so with any markdown viewer.