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Towhee v0.5.0 Release Notes


  • training/fine-tuning is supported! For the cases when an operator is a wrapper of neural network model, users can train or fine-tune the model via train() method of the operator.
  • Towhee framework now supports video pipelines!
  • New task types, word embedding, object detection, face detection, face feature encoding, are included in this version.
  • 400+ new pipelines are available at towhee hub.


Many thanks to all those who contributed to this release! @annisun2020 @binbinlv @Chiiizzzy @filip-halt @fzliu @GuoRentong @jaelgu @jeffoverflow @jingkl @jennyli-z @junjiejiangjjj @krishnakatyal @LoveEachDay @oneseer @reiase @shanghaikid @shiyu22 @Tumao727 @wxywb @yanliang567 @zc277584121